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Dec 31, 2022

Eric Acosta’s Top Games of 2022

Eric Game of the Year 2022

My totally 100% correct assertion of the Games of the Year List.

God of War

  • This game has a story that is engaging and entertaining. I found myself coming back to it constantly, even as the Dark Souls-like boss battles scattered throughout tried to push me away. Though it has a combat system that is overly complicated and needlessly obtuse, I still was enamored with the world and story that it was telling. The progression of Atreus’ character was great and makes me want to see a game based on Atreus as the main playable character. Aside from the story, the visuals of this game were astounding. I would say this is the best looking game of 2022 hands down. I can’t say this would be the Game of the Year due to the combat and gear being too complicated, but it is certainly a good runner up choice.


Horizon Forbidden West

  • Beautiful, vibrant, and majestic. I doubt anyone would tell you these words do not adequately describe Horizon Forbidden West. A perfect representation of the power of the PS5, Horizon Forbidden West is something to look at. With such great attention to detail, the developers and designers really showed off what they know. As with God of War, I continually came back to this game because of the story. I would stay up late playing just one more mission because I needed to learn more of this world. The weakest part of the game was the combat changes made. Mainly the fact that I had to use different bows for different elemental arrows, not just the ammo. With great visuals and even better story, this game is a strong contender for my runner up Game of the Year.


Construction Simulator

  • This game had no right being as good as it was. It was not the best looking game. It didn’t have the best animations. It certainly didn’t have the best story, but darn was it fun to play. This game allows the child in you to play with those big construction machines without fear of breaking them. You can make it as simulation as you want really. Having the ability to either drive your rigs to each sit or just fast travel directly there was a great addition. I was very surprised at how open world this game was. You really could go just about anywhere. Granted when you got there, there was nothing to do. A solid simulation game where I spent hours to complete a job and at the end I felt like I had accomplished something.



  • This game was made for me! I have it on my 2022 list because I didn’t find it until then but it is probably the game I played the most of in 2022. Basically, a delivery simulator in the mud and snow, Snowrunner hit all of my checkmarks for a great game. It was simple to understand, easy to play, and had goals that were straight forward. No skill matching required. No character builds to mess with. Just an easy game to pick up and play for a few hours. Not as good as Horizon or God of War, but definitely in my Game of the Year contenders.



  • Great game. Just plain and simple. This game is a great game. It is easy to learn and even easier to play. There is just enough stress to get you invested, but not enough to turn into anger. The multiplayer is astounding. I have yet to have the game drop online friends or have lag that caused gameplay issues. PlateUp! is one of those games when someone asks to play, you just jump at the chance. My wife has over 130 hours into the game and that is not a true amount because we are switching between her Steam account and mine for different franchises. Even though it is a Rougelike, I still enjoy playing it. That is a true testament to how good of a game this is. Once I sit down to play I will want to play for hours. My wife and I will start up the laptop to play even when we only have a half an hour just to get one more day attempted. By far this is the best game I have played in 2022 and is my choice for Game of the Year.