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Jan 03, 2023

IO Interactive will make first two games FREE for everyone, consolidating HITMAN 3 into HITMAN World of Assassination

WoA Product Trailer Endslate

From Press Release:

Today, IO Interactive revealed new details about how players (both existing and new) will experience, access and purchase HITMAN 1, HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3.

As of January 26, 2023, the changes below are planned to come into effect.

  • HITMAN 3 will become ‘HITMAN World of Assassination’, which will also include access to HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 through the existing Access Pass system. Current HITMAN 3 owners will get a free upgrade to HITMAN World of Assassination on all platforms.

  • IO Interactive is drastically simplifying the purchase experience for new players. HITMAN World of Assassination will be the single available option to start playing.

With these two changes, all new players and existing HITMAN 3 owners will have the same base content ownership.

Full details about HITMAN World of Assassination, including details about the upcoming product listings and breakdown of why the team have opted for this plan can be found in the blog here: