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Jan 23, 2023

Songs of Conquest gets a revised 2023 Early Access Roadmap

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From Press Release:

Today, Lavapotion and Coffee Stain Publishing revealed the updated 2023 roadmap for their early access turn-based strategy game, Songs of Conquest, and announced a Q3 2023 launch window for the game’s 1.0 release!

Songs of Conquest has continuously grown since its early access launch in May 2022, with Lavapotion adding much requested features and improvements suggested by the community. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Battlegrounds – new mode allowing players to skip the building, and thrust their armies straight into the heat of battle
  • Random Map Generator – bringing variety and endlessly replayable adventure maps
  • QoL improvements – a facelift to the map editor’s UI, AI updates and more

Looking ahead, there’s plenty more content arriving before Songs of Conquest’s major 1.0 milestone later this year – take a look at the full 2023 roadmap below to see what’s in store:

  • 2023 will herald the launch of two new campaigns with the Loth and Barya factions. Players can look forward to battling with the Barony of Loth around spring-time, while Barya will make its debut this autumn!
  • Coming very soon, Songs of Conquest will see the implementation of an artifact marketplace, and random events for the Rana faction. Additionally, Beacon improvements, a finalised custom map editor, and the ability to upgrade troops on the recruitment screen are all right around the corner

Throughout the year, the game will see other varied improvements and additions, including more unit traits and abilities, achievements, campaign creation support, as well as even more skirmish maps and artifacts. Lavapotion also continues working on improving the enemy AI across the board to provide sufficient challenges in PvE combat.

The roadmap is a living document, and while some timings may shift due to development constraints, the developers are working hard to add as much content as possible to Songs of Conquest this year – all leading up to that exciting 1.0 launch!

So, join us on the battlefield and prepare yourself for an adventure-filled year in Aerbor!