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Jan 27, 2023

Mavix M4 Gaming Chair Review

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4 Awesome
Retails for: $488.88
We Recommend: $391.10
  • Developer: Mavix
  • Publisher: Mavix
  • Genre: Hardware, Gaming Chair
  • Released: Aug 24, 2021

The Mavix M4 Gaming Chair; maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, though you’re likely here because you want to know more about it one way or another. Truth is, it’s really good, and only has a few downsides. This is a gaming chair that looks like an office chair that feels like we’ve turned a corner on what gaming chairs should be. It’s an accomplished hybrid of two ideals that’s not new, but it is catching on. Mavix are already mavens in this field, and the M4 makes a great first impression that turns into a long-lasting one to validate the purchase.

MavixM4GamingChair review1

Mavix has burst onto the scene with a competitive series of gaming chairs that rivals the Herman Miller market. It’s office meets gaming, offering an array of types in a variety of respectable colors. For the Mavix M4, you’ll have an all-black chair, and the option to select black, blue, red, or green as mesh color options. As you can tell by the images selected for this review, Mavix sent me the green one (at my preference). The colors a bit subdued than you’d expect, but strike the balance that it’s going for. You’ll also notice these chairs, even the higher tier ones like the M7 and M9 have a smaller footprint than standard gaming chairs. And due to its lighter weight, moves across carpeted floors with ease and doesn’t try to get caught up in it.

This was remarkably easy to assemble. In the box is a one-page printout that includes an outline of all the parts that ship with it, and all the steps to assemble it. With only six steps to follow, I had the chair up in no more than twenty minutes. I will say that the instructions aren’t clear on finer points like the screws and washers positioning, but you’ll need both and it doesn’t take too long to figure out the orientation. I’ve put together multiple gaming chairs, and this was by far the simplest. It’s also worth noting I did this all solo, whereas traditional gaming chairs recommend two people for assembly. Mavix made it hard to beat for manufacturers going forward.

MavixM4GamingChair review2

The Mavix M4 has a foam seat with crafted shape and design that’s considered ideal for sitting. The higher tiers of Mavix chairs use suspended mesh, and the highest tier uses a combination of foam and cooling gel. With the M4, I never had an issue over several hours sitting, as I didn’t need to adjust or find a way to “get comfortable” again. I always was comfortable, because the shape is just right. I don’t typically have an issue where I get sweaty, but where I sit never got hot, and the open mesh on my back gave all the breathing room I needed.

This chair does recline, but only so much. It’s more of a tilt up-and-down, really. The recliner doesn’t lock in any position but completely vertical, and there aren’t any places in-between to stop and hold a position. It being limited like this was no bother to me, but for those who like to adjust, you’ve been informed. Now in terms of its fully up-right position, I was hoping to sit straighter and more forward. Instead, it’s more of a natural reclined seating than I’ve been used to. Now, I don’t feel like I’m ever hunching or sitting too far back, it’s just different. Mavix has what they call “dynamic variable lumbar”, or “DVL”. As someone who has chronic back pain due to their military service, I can say that the lumbar support is stellar here. In fact, it’s the main reason why you should get this chair. Lumbar support you find in traditional gaming chairs are just foam that degrades over time. Here, the lumbar support feels active and springy, in a way that it says “I got you”, and you know it. It’s the trust fall of back support.

MavixM4GamingChair review3

Some might be dismayed that the armrests only go up and down in this version, with more expensive Mavix chairs allowing more versatility. For me, this did what I wanted and needed, so no complaints. What is a wonderful feature of these armrests, is that they’re concave, feeling stiff but apply enough pressure and they’re a bit soft to the touch. This is the right amount of give while still ensuring support. Other chairs have chaffed my elbows due to the rubbing and abrasive, it’s just nonexistent here.

There is a mesh headrest that comes with this, and is semi-adjustable. I tend to use it more for neck support than the back of my head, but that’s what it can offer. You can tilt it up or down, and adjust the height with two screws – it’s not very apparent at-first, until you try to adjust it and can see what limited abilities it has.


As you are picking the right product for you, Mavix offers add-ons you can purchase that might of interest to you. Their value is up to you, but because Mavix threw in the “Cooling, Heat & Massage Technology” add-on, I’m gonna talk about it.

For an additional $129.99, you get a really neat package. This add-on has a massager, heater, and cooler all built into it. The massager offers two modes: always on or pulsating. Then from there it has two intensity settings: low or high. There’s a heater that warms up over time for cold nights. And conversely, one intense night of gaming may require the cooler to be turned on which activates a fan to keep any back sweat at bay. It’s a rather ingenious setup, and utilizes the DVL to deliver all three methods. It can either be powered by USB-C to your PC, or an AC adapter to a nearby wall outlet. I find it incredibly useful and a bit posh to have, so it’s up to you to measure it’s worth, but I’m glad I have it.

There are other optional purchase to make that weren’t included with my chair. First there’s the metal footrest for +$44.44. Then there’s a Gaming Chair Mat for +$69.99. And lastly you can purchase at no additional cost colored casters if you don’t want them to be completely black.

MavixM4GamingChair review5

The Mavix M4 Gaming Chair is the first of its kind I’ve used in this space and it’s an impressive, less gaudy alternative to what’s out there. In terms of pricing, this is in-line with other gaming chairs, and even office chairs in this price range don’t compare to what Mavix has. While the M4 is clearly an entry level chair in terms of parts and design, it’s nothing to balk at. The biggest factor for any gaming chair for me is comfort, and Mavix gets that right, even if it isn’t as adjustable as a Lexus seat. The Mavix M4 is a definitely gateway chair, encouraging an upgrade to the M7 or M9 next. The Mavix M4 Gaming Chair is designed with purpose and intent, and doesn’t feel like it’s staying in the mold dominated by the last decade of gaming chairs.

An M4 Gaming Chair was provided by Mavix for review purposes