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Jan 30, 2023

Roboquest, the first-person shooter roguelike blasts onto Xbox Game Preview as well as Game Pass for Xbox and PC today

From Press Release:

Lock, load, and blast your way through hordes of lethal robots and insane boss battles in Roboquest (Game Preview), now available on Xbox and PC with Game Pass. From the battle-hardened team at RyseUp Studios, Roboquest throws you into the fast-paced action on a scorched future world, where you play as a rebooted Guardian itching for a fight.

Roboquest is an FPS roguelite featuring intense solo or cross-platform two-player co-op action, so you can team up with friends and take down enemies together. Traverse randomly generated environments packed with hidden secrets, valuable upgrades, and deadly enemy robots. Smash or be smashed, the choice is yours!

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With an array of handcrafted weapons and customizable upgrades, you’ll have everything you need to become the ultimate robot Guardian. Unlock powerful technology to help you blaze through canyons, buildings, and underground tunnels. Customize your character and base from an impressive arsenal of handcrafted weapons, including machine guns, swords, shotguns, plasma cannons and more. As you progress through the game, upgrade your weapons and abilities for maximum destructive force.

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Inspired by classic roguelikes such as Gunfire Reborn and Nuclear Throne, Roboquest features a comic book cell-shaded art style and vibrant aesthetic. The game’s dynamic level structure paired with accessible shooting mechanics make the game quick to learn before the real challenge begins.

Filled with a host of enemy types, different classes, stats, abilities, customizable upgrades, and an array of handcrafted weapons at your disposal, Roboquest delivers a rich and thrilling experience where every playthrough is unique.                             

Roboquest (Game Preview) is available now on Xbox and PC With Game Pass featuring cross-platform two-player co-op!

For more details and to contribute to the conversation with the development team, join the Roboquest community on DiscordYouTubeTwitterInstagramSteam, and Facebook.