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Feb 01, 2023

Open Beta announced for the upcoming multiplayer subterfuge game, Deceive Inc.

From Press Release:

Developer Sweet Bandits Studios and publisher Tripwire Presents, today announced that DECEIVE INC. will open for business soon, launching on March 21, 2023 on PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), the PlayStation®5 computer entertainment system, and the Xbox Series X|S console systems. Starting soon, aspiring agents can stake their claim on upcoming super spy assignments with the DECEIVE INC. Standard Edition (MSRP $19.99 USD) and the DECEIVE INC. Black Tie Edition (MSRP $29.99 USD).

Players ready to start their career as a world-class Agent can look forward to diving into the world of DECEIVE INC. early, starting with a free PC multiplayer demo on Steam during the Steam Next Fest from Feb. 6 through Feb. 13. In addition, the developers at Sweet Bandits Studios have prepared even more early access spy training time with the upcoming DECEIVE INC. Open Beta, featuring cross-platform support. The DECEIVE INC. Open Beta is scheduled to run from March 10 @ 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time through March 13 @ 11 a.m., and will be available to play for free on all platforms that the game will support at launch. Learn more and join the DECEIVE INC. community on the official Discord.

New players can expect hands-on time with all eight launch-day agents while they explore and master the art of espionage on two multiplayer maps: “Hard Sell” and “Silver Reef.” Hard Sell takes place at a luxurious mansion on a private island next to the Mediterranean Sea. Offering a mix of wide-open courtyards and close quarter rooms, Hard sell features a little bit of everything that DECEIVE INC. has to offer. Silver Reef pits players against each other deep under the North Sea in an underwater luxury resort. Players will navigate glass tunnels, luxury restaurants and guest rooms to hide from their opponents. To get the objective, agents will have to infiltrate a high tech submarine docked to the hotel which offers a close quarters feel for those agents who enjoy a healthy dose of action while they’re in the field.

DECEIVE INC. deploys you into the world of high-stakes subterfuge, working for a private corporation with a complete monopoly over the international espionage market. Disguise yourself as anyone (or anything) you meet in an instant, access state-of-the-art gadgets the rest of the world can only dream of, and unleash powerful skills that would make Hollywood super spies jealous. But you are not alone. Rival Agentsare after the same objective and every single one of them is as skilled, cunning, and well-equipped as you. Blend in, grab the objective, and break out. In the end, only one agent can complete the mission and get the paycheck when working at DECEIVE INC. Company policy.

For further information on Sweet Bandits Studios please visit their official website and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Facebook.

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