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Feb 02, 2023

Fight the new airborne PvE monster in Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier on March 29th

From Press Release:

BERLIN  Feb. 2, 2023  The Cycle: Frontier’s third season is heading to Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 29, 2023, with fresh content and new features. Today YAGER is sharing the first look at the game’s upcoming PvE monster, the Howler. As the first flying enemy to land on Fortuna III, this massive winged beast will make the planet that much more dangerous and hostile as Prospectors battle for survival. Check out the Howler in action by watching the new developer update video below!

The flapping wings and chilling screams of the Howler can be heard from a safe distance, but Prospectors are never truly safe from this terror of the sky. If they aren’t careful, a Prospector can attract the Howler’s attention and be forced to face off with a massive airborne challenge. Only one Howler can be active on the map at a time, but even the most vigilant Prospectors can become its unwitting prey.

If you’re unfortunate enough to face the Howler, take precautions because, at 50% health, this monster is known to use its special Howl Attack, which will affect everyone in line of sight before turning into an even more reckless and aggressive foe. If a team can defeat the winged creature, they will be rewarded with valuable items like Howler Darts, Howler Honey, and, if they are super lucky, Howler Syrinx.

Season 2 of The Cycle: Frontier is currently underway with “The Depths of Tharis Island,” including new campaign missions, gear perks, the New Fortuna Pass, and a variety of general game, balance and anti-cheat improvements.

Season 3 will arrive on March 29 featuring new changes including improvements to the matchmaking system, new campaign quests to investigate the Howler, and free loadout runs. Free loadout runs let Prospectors drop down to the surface with free basic gear provided by the faction of their choice, then let them keep everything as long as they safely evacuate.

Season 3 has much more that will be announced soon. Stay tuned!