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Feb 06, 2023

The Last Starship orbits Steam Early Access on February 15th, play the spaceship builder today

From Press Release:

[United Kingdom/February 6, 2023] – Take the leap to be the best space captain the galaxy has ever seen in The Last Starship as it takes off for Early Access on February 15, 2023. The developers behind Prison Architect are ready to take players on a cosmic adventure through space with this new management sim. Set to make its debut at Steam Next Fest, The Last Starship invites players to take part in building up a massive fleet, saving civilians, and destroying hostile forces that try to stand in their way.

Players must plan for the future if they hope to survive in an unforgivable galaxy. The crew will depend on the player for food, water, oxygen, and basic supplies to keep the ship going. Having a happy crew will be helpful with carrying out the contracts that are given to players to ensure a successful mission. As their fleet grows, players will be able to add more crewmates to keep things running smoothly on their spaceship.

The Last Starship features two main modes, Creative and Campaign. In Creative Mode players can build a starship of any size and scope without being restricted. Whereas in Campaign Mode players will need to factor in money, metals, and having a shipyard to perform modifications on their ships.

Key Features:

  • Equip Your Ship: Let your imagination run free in either Campaign or Creative modes by designing a starship and equipping it with life-saving technology to protect the crew onboard.
  • Explore the Universe: The only way to know if a ship’s design is good is to test it out. The sector map is the gateway to a procedurally generated universe. Each system has different missions, scenarios, and anomalies for you to explore.
  • Process Resources: Space is cold, dark, and empty. To survive, your crew will need resources such as water, oxygen, fuel, and materials for building more ships.
  • Engage the Enemy: Take complete control over where to install your weapons. The game’s unique combat system will have you strategically thinking on and off the battlefield.
  • Grow Your Fleet: As your starship grows, so will the requirements to keep everyone alive. You’ll need to not only expand your current starship but design other ships with different capabilities to keep trekking through deep space.

A demo for The Last Starship is available to play now on Steam. Starship commanders can look forward to the game’s Early Access launch on February 15th for $30.00. Those interested in getting a Press preview of what’s to come in the full game can request access here. To follow The Last Starship’s progress, players can wishlist on Steam.