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Feb 07, 2023

Saga of Sins is a stained glass action-adventure with a demo part of the Steam Next Fest, gets retail edition in Europe

From Press Release:

Saga of Sins is now part of the Steam Next Fest with an exclusive demo:

Just For Games is also pleased to reveal a retail edition will be available on May 26th 2023 in Europe for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This edition will include exciting physical bonus content that will be unveiled soon!

The digital edition will be available on PC via Steam, Steam Deck, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X and Nintendo Switch on March 30th, 2023.

The Release Date Trailer is revealing the settings for the seven deadly sins of the game. Each sin/environment is composed of two action levels and one final epic boss-fight, resulting in 14 action-levels and 7 boss battles. On top of that, there are 10 unique puzzle & skill-test levels in the game, as you can enter the minds of sinners and innocent villagers alike.

Find more information at:

About Saga of Sins:

Saga of Sins is an unholy action-adventure featuring a mystical storyline and rewarding arcade gameplay! Immerse yourself in a world of stained glass inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. (1450-1516)
Play as the righteous cleric Cecil who can enter people’s minds by transforming into four unique demonic creatures such as a howling werewolf or a fierce gargoyle. Fight the seven deadly Sins and free the plague infested village of Sinwell. Every creature has individual skills that can be upgraded by spending the gold dropped by enemies. Once unlocked you can switch between the creatures on the fly to take advantage of their unique abilities.
However, not everything is as it seems, and an increased amount of unsettling things start to happen. Has evil befallen Sinwell? Or is Cecil simply losing his mind? Be prepared for inner conflict and surprising twists.
Saga of Sins’ unique stained art glass style, the combination of a mystical storyline and rewarding arcade gameplay will delight action lovers.

Therefore, we can call it a one of a kind “story-arcade” game.

Saga Of Sins will be available March 30th, 2023 on PC via Steam, Steam Deck, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and Nintendo Switch.