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Feb 10, 2023

Yacht Club Games wants to help you get over your ex this Valentine’s Day in a fun event for Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

From Press Release:

Breakup buggin’ you? Practice some self care by squashing those bad feels (literally) in the Pocket Dungeon! This Valentine’s day we’re holding a very special in-game event for you and your not-so-special someone, send us your ex’s first name and we’ll name a very squashable Beeto after ‘em in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Puzzler’s Pack! Bash, slash, and shovel drop on these heartbreaker Beetos and symbolically get some much needed closure!

How it works:

1) Send us your ex’s first name via this Google Survey by 2/13!


2) We’ll input the submitted names into our upcoming Puzzler’s Pack DLC update on Steam.

3) On Valentine’s Day (02/14/23) the squashing spree will begin!

The game will pull from the list of names and rename Beetos that spawn throughout your adventure. This Puzzler’s Pack DLC event is free (as long as you own the base game on Steam!)

This is all for fun, so this is a 1-day only event! All of the heart-breaking Beeto content will lock up once Valentine’s Day is over!


  • Where can I submit my Ex’s name?

Here you go:

Note: We reserve the right to reject any inappropriate or not family-friendly names. Absolutely no last names or we’ll cut it from the list entirely. The character limit is 14.

  • How long is the event?

The event will be for 24hrs. It will start on V-Day! We will be accepting ex names until then!

  • When is the cut off for submitting names?

The cut off is at 6pm PT on Feb 13th!

  • How do I access the Puzzler’s Pack DLC (Early Preview) and V-Day Content on Steam?

Here are some step by step directions on how to access the DLC Early Preview:

The V-Day content will unlock on 02/14/23

  • Is this available on consoles too?

Not this time! The Puzzler’s Pack DLC is currently only available via Early Preview on Steam. Maybe in the future!

  • Do I need to own Pocket Dungeon to participate in the Beeto squashing?

Yes, you will need the base game on Steam to play! If you don’t already own it, we’re having a nifty sale right now!

We hope everyone gets some much needed closure in the Pocket Dungeon!