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Feb 13, 2023

We Love Games Sale on GOG is on now until February 20th


From Press Release:

February 13th, 2023 – Do you remember your first gaming crush? The one that evokes nostalgia and is impossible for you to forget? GOG brings you the best gaming deals even if you are not fond of Valentine’s Day. Spend some quality time with the games you love during We Love Games Sale on GOG that lasts until Monday, February 20th, 11 PM UTC.

We love goodies that is why we are offering you a 72h giveaway of digital artbooks and soundtracks from CHUCHEL and Botanicula! You can claim the product on our main page, but don’t hesitate, the offer will expire .

Everyone at GOG loves classic games, which occupy a special place both in our hearts and in our store. The collection of classics has been enriched by three titles from Throwback Entertainment – InfiltratorInfiltrator 2, and Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top o’Fun. What a bargain for those who remember Commodore hits and perfect opportunity for the younger generation of gamers to taste action from the late 80’s!

Another batch of classics comes from Bitwave and include TruxtonTwin CobraOut Zone and Zero Wing. All those titles are a blend of speed, action and shoot ‘em up styles that brings excitement to all generations of gamers around the world. They are set to be released on Tuesday, February 14th.

City builders were very popular in the 90’s and Pharaoh quickly became a worldwide hit receiving appraisals from both journalists and players alike. After more than 20 years of its release, the legendary Pharaoh starts a new era with the release of a remake published by Dotemu. The game is going to be available on GOG from February 15th, to once again give gamers a chance to immerse themselves in the history of Ancient Egypt.

Let’s travel in time a little bit and jump quickly to the Dark Ages. On February 15th we are celebrating Medieval Day on GOG! Praise the Kingdom Come Deliverance upon its 5th anniversary as well as other medieval-themed titles available on GOG such as InkulinatiStronghold: Warlords or classic hits including King Arthur CollectionSkyrim or Majesty Gold HD.

Curated collections prepared by our Team are made for people who feel the vibe of Valentine’s Day as well as for those who don’t feel like celebrating at all. Here’s what you can expect:

  • First game crush (e.g. Heroes of Might and Magic® 3: Complete, Prince of Persia, Worms: Armageddon);
  • Death and Destruction (e.g. BioShock Infinite Complete Edition, Quake III Arena, Doom II);
  • Love and Fluffiness (e.g. Cat Quest, Haven, House Party);
  • Medieval (e.g. Crusader Kings Complete, Europa Universalis IV, Anno 1404: Gold Edition);
  • Bestsellers (e.g. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, METAL GEAR SOLID, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition);
We Love Games Sale on GOG runs until February 20th, 11 PM UTC. Treat yourself with the games you might fall in love with or come back to your first gaming crush and see if your feelings are still the same.