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Feb 15, 2023

Relic showcases the “Three Ways To Play” Company of Heroes 3 in new gameplay video

From Press Release:

Hello, fellow tacticians! With the PC release of Company of Heroes 3 just next week we wanted to show you the limitless possibilities when commanding the battlefield. Are you an aggressive risk-taker, a defensive bulwark, or a meticulous crush-all-resistance commander that mixes both? In our latest video, we have three developers from Relic show off how your mission in the Italian town of Anzio can go depending on what you choose.

In the first portion of our walkthrough, senior mission designer David Milne uses a defensive wall of the British Indian artillery and the elite anti-infantry riflemen of the Gurkhas to great effect. Using the ML 4.2-Inch heavy mortar team, players can access the flare ability to scout ahead on the battlefield, revealing enemy emplacements. Follow that up with shots from the BL5.5 artillery emplacement and the terrifying airburst barrage ability, and you’ve got a recipe for destruction.

Not enough action for you? In the second part of our walkthrough, game designer Marco Fiore crushes Axis forces with the aggressive American Airborne, overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers and superior aircraft. Anzio is a difficult mission for Airborne troops, who must use smokescreens on enemy emplacements to get close enough to toss satchel charges onto anti-aircraft guns. Later on, Fiore uses COH3’s Veterancy system to upgrade his units mid-match, choosing the concealment ability for his bazooka-wielding Paratrooper squad. Once his units are in place, they’re able to weaken a fierce German Tiger tank with multiple blasts to its side armor, and swiftly cut its retreat short with an aerial strafing run.

Last but not least, game designer Lisa Ngyuen chose the methodical approach of the British Armoured Company, who have the ability to call in some of Britain’s biggest tanks, like the Churchill Black Prince. In addition to its hard-hitting 17-pounder gun, the Churchill is also able to deploy a wide smokescreen for a quick getaway. Ultimately, you’ll want to keep your infantry and vehicles balanced and grouped together for optimal covering fire, making you an unstoppable force in a late-game fight.

Company of Heroes 3 is coming to PC on February 23rd and is available for Pre-Order! Get the Launch Edition and receive the Devil’s Brigade DLC pack featuring Legendary skins for Infantry, Vehicles, and other Legendary tier cosmetics.