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Feb 21, 2023

New content arrives for hardcore action RPG Achilles: Legends Untold with Update 0.3.0 today

From Press Release:

Dark Point Games is proud to announce the release of an update to its first game, Achilles: Legends Untold. The developers have focused on introducing new content and improving the existing gameplay to their dynamic RPG that’s accompanied by mythological setting. The version marked as 0.3.0 includes, among other things, an improved GAIA (Group AI Action) system, new enemies, locations, a crafting system and destructible objects.

Update 0.3.0 for Achilles: Legends Untold offers players a number of new and improved features that are sure to bring additional excitement and enrichment to the game. Among the new features are improved GAIA actions. The Group AI Action system allows the artificial intelligence to work together in new and unpredictable ways, the uniqueness of this original solution lies in its spontaneous measures. Opponents dynamically assess the situation and act accordingly, whether that is to enter into a joint action or use the environment to their advantage.

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In addition, a crafting system has been introduced that allows new items to be created on the go, destructible objects from which resources can be obtained as well as new throwing items – darts and mines. Players can now face new enemies such as giant spiders, deadly plants and the mysterious Laestrygonians and two new dungeons have been introduced that are ready to be explored. Players also have the option to change the control buttons on the gaming pad and use two ready-to-use schemes. FSR and DLSS technologies will significantly increase the game’s performance, while new skill tree items grant the ability to use multiple items of the same type at once, these are just some of the many additions and improvements introduced in this update. Players should notice a significant improvement in performance, allowing them to enjoy even more immersive and fluid gameplay. All the fixes and improvements were with the mindset to provide the best player experience possible.

We are thrilled to finally introduce update 0.3.0 to Achilles: Legends Untold. Thanks to the hard work of our team and cooperation with our community members, we were able to provide an even more immersive and exciting experience for our players to enjoy. We look forward to making our game even better and more engaging with each update,” comments Paweł Waszak – CEO, and Lead Game Designer at Dark Point Games.

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New content:

  • New and improved GAIA (Group AI Action) actions
  • Crafting system that allows new items to be created on the go
  • Destructible objects, after destruction certain resources can be obtained
  • New items that can be thrown, including darts and mines
  • New enemies – huge spiders, deadly plants and mysterious Laestrygonians
  • Two new dungeons ready to be explored
  • Changeable control buttons on the gamepad and two ready-to-use schemes
  • Possibility to assign two keys to one control option
  • FSR and DLSS technologies for improved performance
  • New skill tree items
  • Ability to use multiple alike items at the same time
  • Other minor additions and improvements


  • Improved map-based teleportation – centring on a selected shrine
  • Many improvements to the combat system, contributing to a better and smoother experience
  • Major update of all cellars on the map
  • Change of control when throwing the shield – now you just have to release the aiming button
  • Some attacks from the skill tree are now available from the very start of the game (e.g. sprint attack)
  • Major UI update and improved legibility
  • Improved movement system for lions and wolves
  • Reset of saved files due to the introduction of many changes and new content to version 0.3.0, with which previous saves are not compatible


  • Lifted the 30 frames per second limit in coop challenge mode
  • Significantly improved gameplay performance
  • Improved controller support
  • Fixed various locations where Achilles could get stuck, leave the playable area or penetrate objects

Achilles: Legends Untold is available on Steam (for a limited time available at 30% off) and the Epic Games Store for $19.99 / EUR 18.99. To keep up to date with the news, we encourage you to join the Discord server for the Achilles: Legends Untold game community.