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Feb 22, 2023

Backpack Hero, the inventory management roguelike battler exits Early Access in May

From Press Release:

Warsaw, Poland – February 22nd, 2023 – Jaspel and Different Tales are pleased to announce their inventory management roguelike, Backpack Hero, will be exiting Steam Early Access and releasing on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in May 2023 in a new console announcement trailer. During its Early Access phase, Backpack Hero has attracted 180,000 playerswith its compelling twist on the standard deck-building roguelike. Success in each combat encounter isn’t about what you carry, but how you organize items in your bag.

Described as “the next big thing” by Splattercatgaming and “utterly enthralling” by GameSpew, Backpack Hero offers a roster of five heroes to choose from, each with a unique pool of items and abilities that completely change the way you play. The robot, CR-8, for example, lets you program commands in your backpack Factorio-style, while Pochette carries pets, giving Backpack Hero a Pokemon-esque twist! There are hundreds of rare items to discover and arrange into powerful combinations, over forty enemy types for you to battle and colorful characters to be encountered on your procedurally generated adventures.

There’s even more to come from Backpack Hero too. The new console announcement trailer offers a sneak peek at the highly-requested “Town” feature. This adds a whole new layer to a game that’s already received bags of praise in its Early Access phase, offering a rewarding progression path for you to expand your item pool and unlock new heroes. With the addition of the Town feature, you will transfer your organizational skills from your backpack to the streets to construct a perfect town with the resources you gather on your adventures.

“The whole team is incredibly thankful to the community of Backpack Hero!” said Jasper Cole, one of the game’s three creators. “Over the past year, we launched on, started a business, ran a Kickstarter, released on Steam Early Access, and got to grow the game in many ways that exceeded our wildest dreams. I’m so excited to see the game on other platforms! This is possible because of the community that supported us, and I am so thankful to you for supporting this humble little indie team.”

Stay tuned for more detailed information about specific platforms, features, and dates!

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About Jaspel
Jaspel is a humble indie team currently developing Backpack Hero. The remote, three-person studio is made up of  Jasper, ‘TheJaspel’, ‘Felix’, Binary Counter, and ‘Calvin’, Gangs Robin.


About Different Tales
Different Tales is the home for bold creators. An independent Studio & Publisher based in Warsaw, Poland – developing AA games and offering boutique publishing to tiny teams: dev-friendly terms, co-development, and long-term partnerships.


About Indie Ark
Founded in 2019 and based in Shenzhen, we are a Chinese video game publisher focused on seeking out creatively and artistically outstanding indie titles and provide them with one-stop full-package local publishing services. We are happy to be the bridge that connects each other, clears language and cultural barriers, helps your game reach more local audience and achieve the success it deserves, as we always believe great games deserve more applause.