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Feb 22, 2023

Toy Tactics storms Steam Early Access on March 17th for family-friendly real-time strategy

From Press Release:

SHERMAN OAKS, Cali. – Feb. 22, 2023 – Toy Tactics, a family-friendly, physics-based RTS encompassing the history of warfare from developer Kraken Empire and publisher Joystick Ventures, pens a path to glory on PCs via Steam Early Access on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Forgo the sword in favor of the mightier pen! Sketch directly on the battlefield to command troops. Deploy attacks and coordinate movement with pen strokes of various shapes and lines Employ tactical thinking with each pen slash on the blank page of Earth. Smash ally and enemy plastic figurines and make heads bobble in charming, physics-based battles.

Cast summoning spells alongside brave troops to bring in the likes of crushing catapults, flaming meteors, watchtowers calling in ridiculous reinforcements, or cinder block walls capable of stopping enemies in their tracks. Block critical choke points, attack weak spots, and flank unaware adversaries with deliberate precision and coordinated formations. Paint a path to victory with Toy Tactics’ accessible yet deep controls encouraging imaginations to run free.

Choose between the Imperium, Pendragon, and Kyoukai armies, each with game-changing abilities. These disparate factions duke it out across the many ages of Erebus, an afterlife for warriors beyond time and space. Join forces with the well-renowned leader and military general, Sun Tzu, in a single-player campaign across Draugr infested Europe and Japan. The Art of War takes on new meaning with each battle offering multiple objectives and puzzle-guarded chests.

“Toy Tactics prepares to rain down endless plastic arrows to annoy your enemies in Steam Early Access next month!” said Ivan Carrillo, Managing Partner for Joystick Ventures. “These tiny armies are ready to make big moves with the smallest swipes onto an endless canvas. It’s nearly time to prove how much can be achieved with a pen and a little bit of physics-based creativity.”

About Kraken Empire

Kraken Empire is a Spain-based development studio with more than a decade of experience that focuses on game creation across a multitude of avenues and exploring newfound territory in technology. Previous projects like the free-roaming shooter Kromaia, and educational applications like Hi Score Science (created alongside the third-largest research council in Europe) are proof of these efforts.

About Joystick Ventures

Joystick Ventures is a Sherman Oaks-based investing and publishing company whose main goal is to encourage indie developers to stay honest and promote experimentation to push the limits of game design across all genres, styles, and geographies. They are most known for their 2022 release, Lost in Play, which has sold more than 100,000 copies.