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Feb 23, 2023

Eternal is a new seasonal campaign that takes players back to Ancient China with a new mode, units, artillery, and Battle Pass for Conqueror’s Blade

From Press Release:

23 February 2023 – Booming Tech and MY.GAMES are pleased to announce the beginning of a new Season in Conqueror’s Blade with the Eternal update. This free content update brings a brand-new game mode — Escalation — along with new Units, artillery, and a Campaign inspired by Ancient China and its extraordinary heroes and legends. Season launch events are also running in-game until March 9 to celebrate and herald the start of this new chapter.

Players can prove their tactical prowess in Escalation, a brand-new Siege mode that allows them to replace Units at any time throughout a match, giving players more strategic choices in teamplay and contributing to victory. Choosing which Units to use is an integral part of the battle itself and gives players more means with which to counter foes on the fly, making for more intense battles.

Three new Units are also available to recruit via free Unit Challenges throughout the Season: the Wuxing Pikemen (3-Star) are armed with fiery spears and can unleash elemental fury upon opponents; the Crescent Monks (4-Star) expertly handle shovel-like weapons to bring down enemies; and the Yanyuedao Cavalry (5-Star) attack from atop mighty charging steeds. The Eternal update also introduces an epic new artillery piece inspired by the Huolongjing — the Divine Raven — which is powerful enough to turn the tide of battle with its extensive range and blast radius.

Conqueror’s Blade players first visited lands inspired by Ancient China back in the Dynasty update, fashioned after the Tang Empire. The brand-new Seasonal Campaign takes players back to the Borderlands or Liangyun, as well as Longting later on in the Season, as their legend unfolds and they secure their standing in Territory Wars every week. The final fight awaits players in Daicheng at the end of the Season.

As players complete challenges, they can also rise through the Tiers of the Eternal Battle Pass to obtain free and premium rewards, many exclusive to this Season. The Wandering Hero Attire will unlock right after the Battle Pass is activated, while rising through the ranks to Tier 100 awards the ultimate prize for any true legend — the Hundred Victories Hero Attire.