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Feb 28, 2023

Experience the thrill of hacking in action-strategy of DROP, releasing March 28th

From Press Release:

DROP is a tense action-strategy hacking simulator experience testing players’ cunning, speed, and wits with its myriad of complex puzzles

Hack into networks, analyze the objectives, come up with a plan and focus on executing it swiftly. Work against time, firewalls and other nerve-racking hazards. Get the hell out quickly before alarms set off, do a clean job.

DROP Firewall attack

Face an unfolding story campaign with unique missions
You are a promising hacker with huge ambitions, an empty bank account, and the burning desire to prove yourself. When your actions attract the attention of a notorious hacker group, The Swarm, life gets complicated – real quick.
Your world turns upside-down when simple jobs hurl you into a power struggle between The Swarm, different factions, and megacorporations that could decide the fate of the world’s fragmented networks.

Explore the procedurally generated world of the side quests of the DROP system
To survive the world of DROP you will need respect, notoriety, and cold, hard cash to improve your gear. Face a wide variety of missions but remember: the higher the risk the higher the pay.

DROP strategic map

Navigate it all with simple keyboard or gamepad commands

DROP is a game that needs you to think and act FAST. For this reason, gamepad and keyboard commands are few, and intuitive, and will quickly become second nature for an ambitious hacker.

DROP ICE attack

A unique aesthetic and aural experience

The thrill of hacking and the cyberpunk backdrop of DROP is rendered through a minimalistic yet deeply evoking art style, accompanied by a soundtrack that will haunt you even when you are not playing.

DROP System shock

DROP Key Features

  • Addictive, nerve-racking gameplay that will push your wits and speed to the limit
  • Unfolding main story in a cutthroat cyberpunk world
  • Procedurally-generate side quests
  • Simple and second-nature commands both for keyboard and gamepad
  • Unique visual and audio style

Steam Store page – demo still available to play!