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Feb 28, 2023

Physics-based engineering sandbox Plasma gets an Early Access release date for March 30th

From Press Release:

New Zealand, February 28th – Plasma, the physics-based engineering sandbox by Dry Licorice, has announced a March 30th Steam Early Access release date.

In Plasma, players can explore a creative and colourful world, craft tools and machines, and even build their own structures from scratch. It’s easy to get started with a user-friendly tutorial system that introduces the basics of engineering in a fun and engaging way using a groundbreaking robotics physics engine and user-friendly visual programming tools, alongside full Steam Workshop integration.

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Plasma creations can be brought to life thanks to a visual programming interface, the Sketch, enabling both beginners and advanced players to experiment, tinker and create unique devices, gizmos and fully-interactive robots and mechanoids. Thanks to the built-in sharing platform anyone can make these available for others to discover, use, learn from and modify.

Alongside the ability to create whatever they can imagine, players will discover a world of challenges and experiences designed by other members of the community. Here, in a tech-toy-like setting, players of all ages will be able to explore and learn the visual programming system step by step, building knowledge over time.

Plasma will release March 30th 2023 on PC via Steam, players can wishlist the title directly on its official page, and stay connected via Discord and Twitter.