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Mar 01, 2023

Ghost Ship Publishing reveals three upcoming titles during 5 Year Anniversary stream

From Press Release:

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK March 1st 2023 – Today, Ghost Ship Publishing, the company behind hit co-op game Deep Rock Galactic, has revealed the three first titles to be published under its banner. The developer-turned-publisher will be working alongside three independent Danish studios to release these titles on Steam Early Access.

To be released later this year, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a single player auto-shooter and survivor-like title set in the world of Deep Rock Galactic. Following that is the dice-based roguelike title inspired by Slay The Spire, titled SpellRogue. Finally, DarkSwarm is a 4-player co-op top-down action title, which has been announced without a release date.

Søren Lundgaard, CEO of Ghost Ship Games, says of the title reveal: “We are super excited to reveal our first three titles as a publisher. Each developer and project has their individual origin story, but they all have open development, flexible game design, and consumer-friendly business models in common. It all fits perfectly with our goals for Ghost Ship Publishing.”

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
Ghost Ship Publishing’s first title features rock and stone — but all alone. Developed by Funday Games, this single-player survivor-like auto-shooter levels up the danger of Hoxxes IV, bringing the popular roguelite survivor gameplay loop into the universe of Deep Rock Galactic. With plans to launch on Steam Early Access later this year, the team at Ghost Ship Publishing showcased a prototype of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor in its fifth anniversary livestream on Twitch. The Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor’s Steam page is live today, and can be visited here.


Developed by Guidelight Games, SpellRogue is a single-player, turn-based, dice roguelike where players take on the role of a dice slinging wizard harnessing the power of spells and artefacts across three acts, on a mission to banish the invading Voidwalkers plaguing the land. The core gameplay takes an innovative spin on the deckbuilding roguelike loop seen in titles such as Slay The Spire, using dice to create a new layer of strategy to the genre. Although the title does not have a specific release date yet, the Steam page can be found here.


The final game on Ghost Ship Publishing’s upcoming roster is the co-op action game DarkSwarm, developed by Bitfire Games. Using procedural generation, and class based gameplay that features distinct roles and upgrade paths, players find themselves as a breed of synthetically engineered elite mercenaries, working within a special operations team. Serving on this task force for a dystopian corporate empire, the team must work together to fight off invading forces and infestations spreading rapidly throughout the outer colonies. More information about DarkSwarm will come and fans can follow its development on the Steam page launching later today here.


This slate of games to be released through Ghost Ship Publishing follows a recently announced investment in fellow Danish developer Bedtime Digital Games, to support the launch of Figment 2: Creed Valley and the broader Figment franchise.

You can see the full announcement live on the Ghost Ship Twitch channel here at 3pm CET, March 1st, 2023.