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Mar 02, 2023

One Military Camp marches onto Steam Early Access today for a unique base building military management sim

From Press Release:

[Spain/March 2, 2023] – Boot Camp begins today for new recruits at One Military Camp, as the game launches into Early Access on Steam. Before welcoming soldiers to their base, players will need to build up the basics in this military management sim. What sets One Military Camp apart from other base-builders in the genre is that it takes a non-violent approach to military battles, allowing players to have a more fun and humorous experience rather. Today’s Early Access Launch also means One Military Camp is expected to get Steam-Deck support.

One Military Camp is packed with content for its Early Access Launch. Players will have immediate access to the game’s full campaign mode, over 100 missions, and three biomes to explore. The game is also jammed with easter eggs to keep players on their toes. One Military Camp is also introducing enhanced missions where players can see what’s happening in the Battle Log and make decisions that can change the course of the mission.

One Military Camp has five major updates planned between now and September, including a sandbox mode with unlimited play and customizable rules, and more. Pets  will be coming to One Military Camp this summer, where they will be a source of pride and joy for the recruits. Other updates such as Twitch integration, seasonal items, and more customization will be sprinkled throughout the next five months as One Military Camp heads for a Fall release.


Key Features

  • Build and Manage a Military Camp: Building placement and keeping an eye on resources and logistics are critical. Ensure the camp is secure to prevent enemy spies from sneaking in and sabotaging the camp.
  • Campaign Mode: Put all those hours of hard training to work! Complete different missions to recover territory, gain resources, and rescue heroes who will provide special boosts to the camp.
  • Vigorous Training: Recruit the best candidates, and train them from private to elite specialists in a variety of classes.
  • Your Camp, Your Rules: A sandbox feature allows you to let your imagination soar with options to choose biome, challenges, and starting conditions. 
  • Player Customizations: Create your anthem, and customize the flag, and signage around your camp. Record your voice to keep morale up on the camp through the PA system.

One Military Camp is now available in Early Access for $24.99/€24.99, with a 10% launch discount. Those interested in following its development are encouraged to join the Discord and wishlist the game on Steam.