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Mar 06, 2023

Frogwares announces that Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has gone gold, April 11th release date set for Cthulhu meets detective horror adventure

From Press Release:

6 March, 2023 – Kyiv, Ukraine + Dublin, Ireland | Ukrainian developer Frogwares can now confirm that Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has gone gold and the team can focus on preparing the game for release on multiple platforms.

With the game content complete and playable from start to finish, the team felt confident to also set a release date – April 11, 2023. To mark the news, a new trailer that delves more into the cosmic, Cthtulu-inspired horror of the game has been released.

The Awakened will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. The game will have 3 editions available:

  • Standard Edition | $ 39.99 / 39.99 EUR |  All platforms
  • Deluxe Edition | $ 49.99 /49.99 EUR | All platforms Includes full game + side quests packs + 6 exclusive outfits
  • Premium Edition | $ 54.99 / 54.99 EUR | PC Only Includes full game, side quest packs + 6 exclusive outfits + digital artbook and soundtrack

With a date now in place, the team has been able to launch pre-orders on all major digital storefronts. Players will receive 3 custom outfits for Holmes and Watson as a bonus for preordering the game.