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Mar 14, 2023

Valheim builds a home on Xbox and via Xbox Game Pass today

From Press Release:

SKÖVDE, Sweden – March 14th, 2023: Today, Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate are raising their tankards to celebrate the arrival of the brutal viking survival game Valheim on Xbox consoles! What’s more, Xbox Game Pass subscribers now have access to the game as part of their subscription, and with crossplay everyone can play together, no matter the platform.

Originally launching as a PC Early Access title, Valheim grew to a community of more than 10 million vikings before it landed on the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass back in September 2022. Now millions more can grab their controllers and roam the unforgiving purgatorial lands from the comfort of their sofas. Valheim’s arrival to Xbox consoles also introduces a new controller layout that offers an intuitive and natural gameplay experience.

While the Iron Gate team were hard at work on Valheim’s recently released Mistlands update, featuring its new magical biome, the Xbox port has been developed by an external team at Fishlabs with crossplay features by Piktiv, both of which worked on the Microsoft Store version as well.

Valheim hit PC Early Access in February 2021 to immediate and widespread critical acclaim, as it quickly rose up bestseller lists and won the Best Debut and Audience Choice awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards. Since then, the game has seen two major content updates, Hearth and Home and Mistlands, and additional minor content drops fleshing out the existing biomes in between.

Valheim is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox GamePass, as well as on Microsoft StorePC Game Pass, and Steam Early Access for PC and Linux. The official press kit is available here, and you can follow Valheim on Twitter and Discord.