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Mar 17, 2023

New gameplay trailer released for citybuilding sandbox Gourdlets

From Press Release:

Indie studio AuntyGames have released a new gameplay trailer in today’s MIX Showcase. The trailer, narrated by Gourdlets solo dev Preethi Vaidyanathan, reveals two brand new features: the ability to customise the interior of buildings for visiting Gourdlets, and a weather system!

The building customisation feature is available to try now via the free demo on the Steam page.

About the game

Grab a blanket, brew up a cup of chamomile tea, and get snuggled in with Gourdlets, a city-building sandbox about crafting adorable towns for little vegetable folks.

Pick from an uber-cute catalogue of buildings, plants and decorations to design the perfect cozy paradise. The Gourdlets will arrive by train and start to inhabit the world as you build it, fishing in the pond, snoozing by the fire, and generally having a grand old time. Gourdlets are super easy to please and will be happy no matter what, so it’s your job to decide what their new home should look like!

Gourdlets is designed without objectives, rules, or any kind of fail state. The only way to lose is not to play :)


  • row an adorable island city using a vast catalogue of features and decorations!
  • bserve your tiny citizens as they turn your city into a home!
  • nwind with soothing music and delightfully retro visuals!
  • elax as you play, safe in the knowledge that there’s no way to lose!
  • elight in a stress free experience that’s perfect for creatives!

About AuntyGames

AuntyGames is a solo studio founded by Preethi Vaidyanathan (she/her), a software engineer based in the United States. Her debut project, the citybuilding sandbox Gourdlets, is scheduled to launch on PC in 2023.