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Mar 30, 2023

The Great War: Western Front, a strategic and tactical RTS of the first World War – out now

From Press Release:

Frontier Foundry and Petroglyph invite players to experience World War 1’s Western Front like never before in the strategic epic, The Great War: Western Front, available now on Steam and the Epic Games Store at a suggested retail price of $34.99.

Players will step into the dual-role of Theatre Commander and Field Commander, leading their forces in both real-time strategy and turn-based grand strategy gameplay across the Western Front in order to secure victory in one of modern history’s most fundamental conflicts.

The difficult choices which Commanders will make, will have a telling impact on how the game unfolds, including the technology at their disposal. The fine balance between victory and defeat in individual battles reflects the nature of the conflict, where the outcome hangs on every decision. Carefully managing precious Supply, players will return to fight on deteriorating battlefields reflecting a living, persistent world, where the scars of previous clashes will remain whilst the seasons change.

Commanders can also experience pivotal moments from the war in Historic Battles, create their own unique conflicts in sandbox-style Skirmish mode or test their tactics against other players one-on-one in Multiplayer.

Players can choose to add to their experience with Victory Edition, which includes a digital copy of Frank Klepacki’s evocative soundtrack, alongside a detailed digital field guide and five digital wallpapers, available at a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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