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Mar 31, 2023

Darkest Dungeon II gets on “Redemption Road” in the final Early Access update before 1.0 release in May

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From Press Release:

VANCOUVER, MARCH 30, 2023 – Red Hook Studios is releasing today the final Early Access update for Darkest Dungeon II. This ‘Redemption Road’ update revamps and reworks the map traversal systems of the game to add strategic depth and also streamline controls. The stagecoach will now be vulnerable to various hazards, and has armor and wheels tokens which can be depleted via the journey. It’s now more important than ever to scout ahead and choose routes carefully.

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Pets have also arrived at last! There’s a total of 10 pets to unlock, each providing their own expedition-defining effects. These cute and twisted companions provide a glimmer of light in an otherwise bleak world. A massive host of other gameplay changes, balance adjustments, and quality-of-life improvements have been made as part of this update. These include such community-requested features as reconfiguring the Valley, redesigning loathing, and making Candle scoring more permissive, especially for new players. View the mammoth patch notes here.

Darkest Dungeon II will exit Early Access on May 8 of this year on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The full game will feature a dozen playable heroes each with their own five-chapter backstory, five regions, five end bosses, and a metagame hub (“The Altar of Hope”) with extensive persistent upgrades.

Darkest Dungeon II released in Early Access on the Epic Games Store in October 2021 and has seen a regular cadence of major content and feature updates since. The sequel to the critically acclaimed Darkest Dungeon expands the concept with striking 3D visuals and a new run-based road trip structure that streamlines the experience without sacrificing the complexity of its systems. The Redemption Road update is the last content update before the full 1.0 version releases in May.