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Apr 28, 2023

APICO’s 2.0 Update with “I Can’t Beelieve It’s Not Butter(flies)!” will finally come to Switch and PlayStation on May 11th

From Press Release:

Budding beekeepers rejoice – your favorite beekeeping sim APICO is bringing its highly anticipated update, APICO 2.0: I Can’t Beelieve It’s Not Butter(flies)!, to Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation on May 11!

The new update is buzzing with an un-bee-lievable amount of new content, including new pollinators, new characters to meet, and more:

  • New NPCs: New friends from the mainland, Cody and Sto, have come to the APICO Islands to further their research.
  • Butterflies: Discover, collect and breed a variety of brand-new pollinators.
  • Solitary Bees: These new pollinators prefer to do things on their own – build new solitary bee hotels and help them along!
  • New Flowers: Now, there are more ways to keep the pollinator population happy – each new flower has its own new effect on the environment.
  • Incense: Through the magic of alchemy, make your own incense and candles!
  • Bee-Sides: New tracks have been added to the chill soundtrack
  • And More: New books, decorations, and a host of quality-of-life improvements have been added.

Find out more details here.

About APICO:

From publisher Whitethorn Games and developer TNgineers, APICO combines resource gathering, biology, and minigames with ideas from both real-life and fantasy beekeeping and gardening, as it teaches players about the ins-and-outs of maintaining a healthy hive and the importance of our irreplaceable pollinating pals. The islands of APICO were once abuzz with different species of bees, and it’s up to players to rediscover lost species, cross-breed new ones, and repopulate each unique bee-ome. Progressing further into the game may also uncover some forgotten secrets.

As well, a portion of the games’ profits goes toward bee conservation. Full details about these efforts can be found here:

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Features of APICO:

  • Play together with up to four in online co-op, with cross-play available on all platforms!
  • Unique crafting and beekeeping minigames that drive gameplay progression
  • Cross-breed different bees to discover over 30 new species
  • Make and sell honey, Apicola, and other beekeeping products
  • Repopulate lost species and release them back into the wild
  • Multiple biomes to explore, each with their own unique bee species
  • Uncover the forgotten secrets of the APICO Islands

APICO is currently available on PC via SteamEpic Game StoreHumble Gamesitch.ioUtomikPlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch™. Update 2.0: I Can’t Beelieve It’s Not Butter(flies)! is currently available on PC and will be available on Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation 4 and 5 on May 11, 2023.

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