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May 01, 2023

Latest “Dev Update” for League of Legends details the Midseason, Bots, and Champs

From Press Release:

The League of Legends team today released a new video in the “Dev Update” series that kicked off earlier this year with the goal of providing the community more timely and candid updates on upcoming plans for League. In this installment, Riot Brightmoon, Meddler and Reav3 cover the following:

  • The mid-year partial Ranked reset is coming up in July—you can read more here.

  • We’ll be making some midseason changes that are less impactful than Preseason.

    • We released a dev blog discussing the midseason itemization changes.

    • We’ll take our learnings from midseason to decide if Mythic items are worth pursuing moving forward.


  • Ivern midscope and jungle buff sharing are planned for midseason.

  • We recently conducted a major bot banning wave, so expect fewer bots in your games.

    • We released a dev blog on our changes to our bot AI and our goals with that work.


  • We’re expanding the emote wheel to include 9 slots and are exploring more improvements.

  • We’re enabling around 4,500 lines of champion and skin voiceover that have broken or been played over.

  • We released the Champion Roadmap talking about some new champs and updates.


  • Jax is receiving a visual update.

  • The 2v2v2v2 mode will be released this summer with a brand new map.

  • MSI is coming up—be sure to check out the State of the Game Esports video for more info on MSI.