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May 02, 2023

Storm Stalingrad in Don 42, the next DLC for Unity of Command II – releasing on May 18th

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From Press Release:

Unity of Command II continues its march toward complete WWII simulation.

It is now the turn of nothing less than taking command of Soviet forces to encircle Stalingrad and ensure crushing any German hope of a comeback!

Don 42, the new DLC for Unity of Command II, will be out on the 18th of May.

Are you ready to face the most iconic battles of the Eastern Front?

Don 42 - Koltso

Don 42 - Strategic Map

From Don to Dnieper, onwards!

During the desperate defensive battles in late summer and autumn 1942, the Soviet high command carefully husbanded its reserves. By November, German attacks culminated in the rubble of Stalingrad and in the frozen foothills of the Caucasus. Now, with their enemy perilously overextended, the Soviets aim to strike several devastating blows at Hitler’s armies.

Don ’42 covers the Soviet offensives from the Don to the Dnieper during the fateful winter of 1942/43.

This time period includes some of the largest encirclements of Axis forces in the war. You will be in charge of fresh Tank Corps as they launch ‘deep battle’ strikes into the enemy’s rear. But be warned: although weakened, the fascist invaders are still dangerous and will remind you that commanding the Red Army means accepting losses.

Key Features of the Don 42 DLC

  • 11 historical scenarios, covering the Soviet winter counteroffensive of 1942/43
  • Impact history by severing the German retreat route through Rostov and reaching as far as the Dnieper – if Manstein’s backhand blow is defeated…

Desert Fox DLC Big Map

And a quick example of this DLC not being only about desert fights…

Operation Uranus

November 1942,

With the end goal of encircling German forces in Stalingrad, Operation Uranus was destined to be a decisive moment in history. The Red Army would strike the Axis flanks on both sides of the city.
Their flanks were manned by Romanian forces that suffered from a chronic lack of effective anti-tank weapons.

The Soviets went to great lengths to conceal their troop build-ups, however, the bulk of the enemy Panzer Divisions were heavily engaged in the ruins of Stalingrad, rendering them unable to react either way.

Desert Fox DLC - Operation Uranus