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May 02, 2023

Times & Galaxy has you as a robo reporter in 2024 on Steam, comes from Speed Dating for Ghosts developers and Fellow Traveller

From Press Release:

Publisher Fellow Traveller (Citizen Sleeper, Paradise Killer, Genesis Noir) and developer Copychaser Games (Speed Dating for Ghosts) have revealed their latest project: sci-fi narrative adventure game Times & Galaxy.

About the game:

As the galaxy’s first ever robo reporter, it’s your job to chase leads and interview sources. In space! Itching to break the biggest news in the galaxy?  Well… too bad. You’re an intern!  You’ll be assigned stories that put the hyper in hyper-local news! Intersolar cat shows, explosive toy launches, and, of course, space ghost funerals—everything the denizens of the Dorp system need to read with their piping hot mug of oil and a cosmic croissant.

Every story you file impacts the paper’s reputation and readership. Each cycle, they’re counting on you to construct a story that makes your editor percolate with pride.

Befriend a colorful cast of alien colleagues and a diverse crew of weirdos as we travel the solar system in search of the next great story, or at least something to fill some column inches and keep your assignment editor Arwin happy.


  • GET THE SCOOP! Pick a story to cover & blast off to investigate! Interview sources, digging up clues and investigating the scene. We hope your conversational circuits are well-oiled as you’ll meet more than 100 characters and ask a lot of questions.

  • WRITE YOUR OWN STORIES! Use the Build-A-Story™ tool to construct your article using all that info you gathered. You were a diligent reporterbot and managed to get ALL the info, right?

  • IMPRESS OR ANNOY YOUR COLLEAGUES! In between assignments, you’ll have the chance to get to know a diverse and colorful crew of two dozen characters including the other reporters, editorial staff, pilots, and ship’s crew.

  • MAKE THE SCANNER YOUR HOME! Over time, friends on the crew will upgrade your systems to turn you into a super-powered truth sleuth. You’ll also have to help keep the ship from falling into chaos on your days off.

  • MADE BY REAL JOURNALISTS! Multiple writers on the Copychaser team worked at newspapers as reporters or editors before entering the games industry. They maintain a deep love of the craft and, through Times & Galaxy, wish to highlight their deep appreciation of local reporting.

About Copychaser Games:

The small team of friends at Copychaser specializes in unique, inclusive games with branching narratives and memorable characters. Every Copychaser game puts the player at the center of an eccentric and immersive story unlike any they’ve ever played. Copychaser is led by Ben Gelinas, former writer and editor at BioWare (Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more) and an ex-reporter.

In 2018, Copychaser released the death-positive, wholesome horror game Speed Dating for Ghosts (SDFG) to wide acclaim. Their next game is the science fiction-meets-journalism narrative adventure Times & Galaxy.