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May 04, 2023

SpaceBourne 2, an impressive one-person developed open-universe RPG and third-person shooter out in Steam Early Access now

From Press Release:

Izmir, Turkey, May 3rd, 2023 –  SpaceBourne 2 is the latest intergalactic, open-world adventure from the one-man development team at DBK Games, which has recently launched into early access on Steam!

What started as a passion project has become a community-engaging effort where the developer, Burak Dabak, provides players with the opportunity to fill up a “pool of requests” which he uses to add new features to the game every Friday! SpaceBourne 2 is a single-player, third-person shooter with RPG elements, developed in Unreal Engine. Players can create their own characters, pilot a ship in real-time space battles, form factions, and use trade and diplomacy to conquer the galaxy.

About SpaceBourne 2
In SpaceBourne 2, players will explore a vast galaxy filled with thousands of star systems and planets waiting to be discovered. They can manage both their character and their ship, upgrading and customizing both to suit their play style. The galaxy is dynamic, with factions vying for power and resources, creating opportunities for diplomacy, trade, and conflict.

Players can join guilds, participating in constantly updated quests on guild servers. They can even create their own faction, setting policies and organizing armies to conquer the galaxy. Along the way, players will encounter side events such as mining and exploration. The ultimate goal is to conquer the galaxy, making SpaceBourne 2 an epic space adventure like no other.

From ship names to side missions, and even some core mechanics such as galactic trade and interstellar combat, SpaceBourne 2 has evolved from a single-developer’s work into a community game where every Friday, any feature request from users can be put into the game!



  • “SpaceBourne 2” features thousands of star systems with hundreds of planets to explore and discover.
  • The game allows players to manage and upgrade both their ship and character.
  • The game features a dynamic galaxy with factions, galactic trade, diplomacy, and more.
  • Players can join a guild that fits their playstyle and participate in constantly updated missions on guild servers.
  • Players can also create their own faction, choosing everything from its policies to its military organization.
  • The game includes side events such as mining and exploration.
  • The primary objective of the game is to conquer the galaxy.

SpaceBourne 2 features full English voice acting. The final game will include text localization and subtitles for English, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish.