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May 05, 2023

Frictional shares 10 minutes of gameplay for Amnesia: The Bunker

From Press Release:

Malmö, Sweden – May 4, 2023 – We received the note above and, while we’re concerned about sending anyone down to investigate, we need that code to access the arsenal.

With that note, we also uncovered over 10 minutes of footage captured inside the bunker. It’s the first time we’ve gotten such a lengthy look at the conditions down there and… you just have to see for yourself. A word of warning, though: the ending is brutal to watch… I know they were a friend of yours.

We’ve scoured this footage and it looks like that are many ways to navigate the Bunker. We’ve heard that things are different for each person we send down there and this footage confirms it, so you’ll have to think on your feet. The approach is up to you.

We need you to make it out of there alive but… you have until May 23rd to make peace with your loved ones. Spend that time wisely.