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May 05, 2023

Landlord’s Super, the constructor simulator set in 1980s Britain will (br)exit Early Access on May 25th

From Press Release:

5th May 2023 – Developer MinskWorks and publisher Yogscast Games are thrilled to reveal Early Access hit Landlord’s Super will launch fully on May 25th 2023.

Landlord’s Super is a first-person construction simulation set in Britain’s murky midlands during the 1980s. It combines its bricks-and-mortar construction with a broader social simulation which see players renovating their former council house by performing legitimate or illegitimate work.

It depicts a Britain from another era, yet the economical challenges players face could not be more real. With unemployment sky-high, it’s down to players to build their way out of poverty with bricks and mortar in hand. Take a dodgy loan, restore a property, move in the locals, attend to their grievances, then celebrate with a pint in this fully-simulated, open-world 1980’s Britain.

Landlord’s Super has seen frequent updates since its initial Early Access launch in April 2020, with many features and gameplay mechanics developed in response to community feedback. Throughout development it’s been a huge hit with those who’ve been playing, and leaves Early Access rated ‘Very Positive’ on Steam. With this final release, players can now play through from new Sheffingham resident to retirement – assuming they’ve managed to financially secure it.

Players can build towards a cushy retirement through any means necessary. Mix cement, assemble scaffolding, order supplies and rebuild a community’s hope brick-by-brick; take odd jobs and meet a cast of local personalities and dodgy characters around town, or just drink the day away at the pub. Players plan their actions in a living world around the time of day, seasonal weather and their own wellbeing.

“When players can choose to spend their time literally anytime and anywhere, that so many have chosen to visit a fictional town during one of the bleakest periods in recent living memory is a real testament to Landlord’s Super and its unique spin on the construction and life simulation genres,” says Simon Byron, Director of Publishing, Yogscast Games. “In a world of facsimiles, MinskWorks has created something very different, very refreshing and very British – we can’t wait to get the full release out there later this month.”

“I’ve been delighted with the feedback and input from the Landlord’s Super community throughout Early Access,” adds MinskWorks’ founder Greg Pryjmachuk. “Recreating a period of Britain that was so important to me was always a highly personal project – so it’s been brilliant to see the game resonate so strongly with such a diverse community of players.”

Landlord’s Super remains available to buy on PC now in Early Access, but will be fully releasing on May 25th 2023. The full SRP is £15.49 ($19.99, €16.79), though there will be a launch discount to celebrate the game’s completion.