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May 11, 2023

SCUM receives “Hell’s Kitchen” Update with v0.85 that revamps cooking and looting, along with new Luis Moncada DLC today

From Press Release:

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 11 May 2023. Jagex and Gamepires launched the “Hell’s Kitchen” update today for SCUM, along with two new DLC updates. Hell’s Kitchen is the 16th major update since the multiplayer open-world survival game SCUM launched into Early Access in 2018.

This update introduces a revamped loot and cooking system, new weapons, and access to electricity and gas alongside a new abandoned city to explore. Also parachuting into SCUM today is the introduction of Luis Moncada as a playable character, along with new customization DLC for players creating their own avatars.


The Hell’s Kitchen update includes the long-awaited cooking rework which allows players to master their culinary skills as they make use of ingredients and specialist recipes. This accompanies an overhaul of the hunting system within the game where players will need to sharpen their senses to find their prey before the hunter becomes the hunted.

Players will also have access to new weapons, including the rocket-propelled grenade and the anti-tank AT4, perfect for taking on the new sentry mechs that have started appearing on the island. Characters will also be able to enhance their bases with the new gas and electricity systems and turn their safe havens into homes.

Those brave enough to venture deep into the woods will discover an abandoned city. Once filled with joy and laughter, this ruined metropolitan area is now left haunted, with radiation creeping in every crack and window.

Parachuting into the SCUM universe is the Luis Moncada DLC, which features actor Luis Moncada as an in-game playable character, introducing multiple options, accessories, and customizations for players to choose from. The in-game avatar is modelled after Moncada’s iconic role as Marco Salamanca in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and is voiced by Moncada himself.

Rounding off this major update, new customisation options for hair launch today, with the Female Hairstyles DLC.

SCUM is available to play in Early Access with 50% off on Steam for $19.99 / €19.50 / £16.75.

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