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May 11, 2023

Tours & Tournaments expansion goes big on travel and weddings in Crusader Kings III today

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM – 11 May 2023 – It is a big and exciting world, full of big and exciting events. Great tournaments. Royal weddings. Grand tours through the countryside. There is too much to see out there to spend your life hidden behind castle walls. So saddle up and ride forth in Tours & Tournaments, a new expansion for Crusader Kings III.

Paradox Interactive’s award-winning medieval history game expands its unique blend of strategy and role-playing with a host of new events that make the map more than a list of places to conquer. In Tours & Tournaments, you can travel through your realm to check on your vassals. Attend royal weddings to demonstrate your loyalty to a distant lord. Or, if you are brave enough, enter competitions of body or mind in tournaments. Each activity opens new scope for intrigue, while also allowing new strategic paths with a chance of improving characters’ skills or traits.There are no guarantees, and danger still lurks around every corner. But with great risk, comes great renown.

Features of Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments include:

  • Grand Tournaments: Host a grand demonstration of feats of arms, attracting nearby nobles and wandering knights. Select the competitions, set the destination and use the tournament to improve your social standing or military prowess.
  • Grand Tours: Take a trip through your realm to take stock of your vassals, gifting them with your benevolence or extorting them for higher taxes.
  • Grand Weddings: Save your gold for an elaborate ceremony that centers the real meaning of marriage – politics. Honor your in-laws, cater to your vassals and demonstrate your power.
  • Travel System: Plan your route to these great activities, choosing safety through civilized lands or risking everything for a more direct route through dark forests or dangerous mountains. Ease your way with a large entourage that marks your importance or travel light so you can get down to business.
  • Knightly Accolades: Honor your best knights with special titles and accolades that will give bonuses to them and the armies they lead.
  • New Armor Designs: New historical armor designs from across the centuries, integrated with the new Tournament and Accolade systems.
  • New Western Clothing: New art for clothing designs will show how fashions changed and evolved in Western Europe from the time of the Carolingians to the closing of the medieval era.

Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments is available for the suggested retail price of $29.99/£24.99/€29.99 and launches with a major free update to Crusader Kings III for all players.