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May 15, 2023

Songs of Conquest gets dark with the Barony of Loth today, a new necromancy campaign for the turn-based strategy game

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From Press Release:

SKÖVDE, Sweden, May 15th 2023 — Coffee Stain Publishing and Lavapotion are excited to release a major new update for their fantasy turn-based strategy game Songs of Conquest! Available now on Steam Early Access, players can explore the Barony of Loth campaign, a new single-player experience offering a closer look at the game’s necromancer faction that is sure to rattle your bones.

The Loth single player campaign will feature four individual missions available on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty, offering a real challenge similar to the previous campaigns of the Arleon and Rana factions. Players will witness the rise of the Barony and utilise the faction’s unique trait allowing them to raise an army of undead to fight once more.

Throughout the campaign, players will gain insight into the dark history of the Barony of Loth, as well as the tragic fate that befell the Aurelian empire. The campaign begins with the tale of Baron Aldus of Loth who encounters a mysterious figure that offers him a chance to seize an ancient power. Desperate to save his vassals and secure his legacy, Aldus strikes a deal with the stranger, only to find out that there is a dark price to be paid, and death is only the beginning. The Baron soon finds out that the road to ruin is paved with good intentions as he will watch his comrades and men at arms rise into undeath.

“We’re very excited for players to experience the Barony of Loth campaign starting today, and get a firsthand look at how our darkest faction operates,” said Carl Toftfelt, Lead Game Designer at Lavapotion. “We’ve been ‘dead set’ on perfecting this story and expanding on Songs of Conquest’s intricate lore to give players a chance to explore the darker side of Aerbor – if you like skeletons, wraiths, and other undead creatures, you’re in for a thrill.”

Songs of Conquest released into Early Access on PC on May 10th, 2022, and since then various new features have been introduced:

  • Battlegrounds – mode allowing players to thrust their armies straight into battle
  • Random Map Generator – bringing variety and endlessly replayable adventure maps
  • Map Editor Update – improving the creation of player-generated maps & campaigns
  • Major QoL improvements – a map editor UI/UX facelift, AI updates and more

The game will continue to receive additional updates throughout the Early Access period, with exciting new content such as the Barya campaign and achievement system currently in development.

The Barony of Loth campaign is available to play right now! Songs of Conquest is available for purchase on SteamEpic Games Store, and GOG.