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May 17, 2023

Play in the Sandbox with the new mode for Diplomacy Is Not An Option, available now

From Press Release:

May 17th – The end is in sight for Diplomacy Is Not An Optionbut the hit siege survival RTS has one big update to share before leaving Early Access this November. Today, players can unwind a little and fight battles on their own terms for once, thanks to the new Sandbox update, live now on SteamGOG and Humble.

This update adds a new game mode: Sandbox, allowing players to pick their map type, enemies, starting resources and gameplay modifiers for a more casual and freeform strategy experience. Want to build the biggest fort you’ve ever seen and defend it against a numberless horde? Go wild, or mild, if that’s your vibe – farm, manage and build the most aesthetically pleasing hamlet you’ve ever seen, free of marauding monsters and rebelling peasants.

The Sandbox update also introduces a variety of new traps and technologies to further bolster your defences. Guard Towers are cheap and fragile, but provide archers an edge on the battlefield. Barrel-bomb and Slowing traps provide explosive or stalling options when you have to fall back, and several new upgrades for horsemen make your equine forces vastly more valuable.

You’ll need every advantage you can get, as the enemy AI has seen some improvements as well, exploiting gaps in your defences to strike at your peasants and town hall. It’s a big update, so check out the complete patch notes here.

The Sandbox update will be the last major wave of content coming to Diplomacy Is Not An Option before leaving Early Access this November. Door 407 are returning to the forges to work on the game’s ambitious story campaign. Get your strategies refined in Sandbox mode while you can; You’ll need every trick in the book to weather the siege coming later this year.

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Diplomacy Is Not An Option is available in Early Access on SteamGOG and Humble now for £19.99/$24.99/€20.99. The launch update (including a massive, branching story-driven campaign) is scheduled for release this November. Join their official Discord channel for up-to-the-minute updates on development.

Also coming in 2023 from Door 407: URBO, a casual city-building puzzle game, with a demo available now.

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