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May 18, 2023

Design, manage, and engage in naval warfare with Rule the Waves 3 – out now on Steam

From Press Release:

The seas beckon those eager to command. The epic naval simulator, Rule the Waves 3, has today launched on Steam, signaling the start of a new age of shipbuilding, fleet management, and all-encompassing maritime combat. Players in Rule the Waves 3 can design their own warships from the keel up, build up their nation’s navy and decide its strategy, and expertly engage in tactical battles during some of the most exciting eras of naval warfare.

Epic naval strategy

From the late ironclads in the 1890s to the early missile age in 1970, the expanded timeline in Rule the Waves 3 encompasses almost a century of sweeping technological advances, naval arms races, shipbuilding, events, and political tension. No other naval warfare simulation offers such a far-reaching range of grand strategy, innovation, and ship design options. From pre-Dreadnought ironclads to building coastal fortifications, constructing nimble corvettes or hulking battleships, introducing naval airpower, and commissioning state-of-the-art missile cruisers – the broadest range of maritime warfare and strategy can be encountered in Rule the Waves 3.

New and improved

Today’s launch of Rule the Waves 3 by developer Naval Warfare Simulation and strategy game publisher Matrix Games brings a host of updates and improvements to the series. Players can expect, amongst other things, enhanced fleet management, officer assignments with unique traits, and updated ship visuals with more detailed designs. Fueled by passionate community feedback there are a host of new and refined features like user interface enhancements, the addition of the Baltic Sea on the world map, AI nations fighting wars among themselves, updated damage models, air combat, and other improvements

Design ships, lead fleets

Players in Rule the Waves 3 can design their ships down to the smallest of details and also lead them into battle in realistic tactical naval combat. Choose from up to eight naval powers depending on your chosen start date, ranging from the USA and Great Britain to Japan and Germany, players must carefully manage their fleets, deal with politicians and interfering Kaisers alike, plot the course of their navy, research the latest technologies, and potentially reshape history and its naval conflicts.

Historical sandbox

Each of the four long-running campaigns focuses on a different era of naval combat and can ultimately span decades. The historical sandbox experience of Rule the Waves 3 is far-ranging and very much influenced by the player’s actions and choices.

Players will experience historic changes such as the Dreadnought class, the introduction of submarines, super-firing battleship turrets, World War I, aircraft carriers, the limitations imposed by the Washington Naval Treaty, the awe-inspiring battles of World War II, the appearance of jet-powered naval aircraft and missile systems, each of which will change the balance of power.

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