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May 22, 2023

Monster Train developers launch their next game Inkbound into Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 22, 2023 – Shiny Shoe is thrilled to announce that their latest game, Inkbound, is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. The imaginative roguelike, from the developers of Monster Train blends elements of ARPGs and tactics-based gameplay in a completely unique hybrid.

“We’ve been working hard to break new ground in Inkbound and are excited to get online and go on some runs with players around the world,” says Mark Cooke, Shiny Shoe founder and CEO.

Inkbound pushes through genre conventions to provide a singular and endlessly replayable co-op experience. Players explore a fascinating, ever-changing world of stories in roguelike runs. Battles take the best parts of real-time action and thoughtful tactical gameplay, giving players the freedom to blaze through combat or take time to thoroughly reflect on the best course of action. Powerful gear upgrades, treasure, and glory await those who emerge victorious.

Over time, players will unlock a variety of unique heroes, each of which brings their own specialties and strategies to the battlefield. Their innate abilities are augmented by powerful upgrades, which synergize in unexpected ways – either in solo play or by working cooperatively with your fellow adventurers.

“The number of build possibilities is enormous,” says Andrew Krausnick, creative director at Shiny Shoe. “We’ve tried to condense those options into streamlined, under-an-hour runs that are highly replayable.”

Shiny Shoe is also giving players who have Monster Train in their Steam libraries an exclusive Red Imp cosmetic. Players will automatically secure the item when they install Inkbound, as a special thank-you to their loyal fans.

You can find additional information on the official Inkbound website and purchase it on Steam here.