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May 24, 2023

Timberborn removes barriers, loads faster, has stronger material, and more for you to gnaw on in Update 4 today

From Press Release:

Warsaw, Poland. May 24th, 2023— The world’s best beaver city-builder is getting a ‘dam’ good update! With more than 95% positive Steam reviews, Timberborn marches on towards its full release from Early Access with its fourth major content update. From Polish developer MechanistryTimberborn is a game focused on achieving harmony with your environment and fueling your creativity with limitless beaver builds. Update 4 is available now on PC and Mac via SteamGOG, and Epic Game Store.

Your caffeinated beaver builds know no bounds with Update 4 bringing you boundary-less districts, coffee and fermentation, a reworked cross-district distribution system, all-new agriculture for the Iron Teeth faction, and brand-new monuments to the all-mighty beaver lords! With the update increasing the framerates by up to 80%, building huge colonies has never been easier.

A drought is coming – pair lumberpunk technology with your own creativity to subvert the forces of nature and keep your colony fed, watered, and well. Dam and direct rivers to create lakes and reservoirs, harness currents and winds to power your city, reform the landscape to your own ends, and erect towering vertical communities using stackable architecture.

Update 4 Key Features

  • Limitless Districts! Build bigger & better, but beware – bloated districts mean longer commutes and less efficient beavers!
  • A new agriculture system exclusive to the Iron Teeth faction: Kohlrabi, Canola, Cassava, Soybean, Corn, Eggplant, and Coffee Beans.
  • New Iron Teeth-exclusive buildings: Fermenter, Oil Press, Hydroponic Garden, Food Factory, Coffee Brewery.
  • Reworked distribution between districts! Share your resources more effectively across your many districts.
  • New Monuments! A New Map!
  • Faster load times and up to 80% higher framerate!