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May 25, 2023

ULTROS is a psychedelic music adventure that won’t let you get high until 2024

From Press Release:

LONDON (May 24, 2023) – Sweden-based developer Hadoque today unveiled their debut psychedelic delight, ULTROS, during the PlayStation Showcase. A mystical, action-packed loop-based adventure brought to life with an engrossing soundtrack and otherworldly artwork from the world-renowned artist El Huervo (Hotline Miami series), ULTROS launches as a PlayStation console exclusive and on PC via Steam in 2024.

ULTROS throws players into a Metroidvania-style, lush, alien landscape brimming with life. Explore the cosmic mysteries held within the world of The Sarcophagus to uncover brutal and bloodthirsty lifeforms along with a vast verdure of exotic flora. Hack apart monstrous creatures in daring, blade-based combat, and cultivate a bursting green network. In this world, death does not spell the end, as The Sarcophagus’ strange powers and the demonic being that resides within will send players into a time loop upon their demise.

As you descend the depths of the ecosystem, loop by loop, and grow to understand the world, you soon realize that only those curious and fearless enough will have what it takes to master the skills needed to break the cycle of life and death that lies within.

Against the backdrop of eccentric art and an enchanting soundscape, the rich world of ULTROS is filled with secrets, inviting players to discover everything it holds.

Will you break the cycle and deliver the demon? ULTROS launches in 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. For more information, visit:

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