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May 26, 2023

After a short time removed, Roots of Pacha is back on Steam

From Press Release:

Over the past two weeks, Crytivo and Soda Den have worked tirelessly to achieve the common goal of restoring Roots of Pacha on Steam. We are happy to share we have reached an agreement and that Roots of Pacha has been restored to Steam for all to purchase.

We also would like to share that Crytivo and Soda Den have made the decision to amicably part ways under terms that are mutually beneficial.

Soda Den sincerely thanks the Crytivo team for their efforts to support and market Roots of Pacha. Crytivo sincerely thanks Soda Den for their dedication and craft that went into the creation of Roots of Pacha.

Our collective priority has always been the fans. We hope that the restoration of the Steam store page brings you joy.

Thank you all for your support.


Crytivo and Soda Den