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May 26, 2023

DESTINYbit releases Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition onto Xbox and PlayStation today

From Press Release:

Ravenna, Italy, 26 May 2023 – Indie studio DESTINYbit are proud to announce Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition is out now on Xbox and PlayStation consoles! Originally launched on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021, this roguelike survival city builder centers around rolling the dice to determine the outcome of your game:

As one of seven unlockable rulers, you land on the shores of a mysterious ringworld. Here you have the power to raise a thriving population or lead them all to ruin. Will your people survive the bitter winter? Adapt your playstyle and strategize your way to success – but only if the dice are in your favor.

Each playthrough is unique in this procedurally generated kingdom. Explore the uncharted continent to reveal wicked secrets and uncover what’s hidden in the mists that lurk beyond…

The Definitive Edition includes all content and scenarios from the original Dice Legacy release, plus three major updates: Memories, Forging a Realm and A Storm is Coming, as well as the Corrupted Fates expansion pack.

Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition is out now on Xbox and PlayStation. Find the game here on each platform’s digital store:

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