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May 26, 2023

Diluvian Winds has sailed onto Early Access via Steam and GOG

From Press Release:

The colony-sim survival roguelike Diluvian Winds, developed by Alambik Studio and published by Goblinz Publishing, releases today in early access on Steam and GOG.

Often compared with Spiritfarer visually and inspired by great titles such as Reus, Basement and Fallout Shelter among others, Diluvian Winds takes place in a world in which nature has reclaimed its rights. Ensure the survival of the travelers each day while growing your hamlet on land and underwater.



  • Welcome weary travelers at the foot of your lighthouse
  • Keep the fire lit to guide them and not be cut off from the world
  • Cook delicious meals for your guests
  • Assign them tasks that will ensure their survival: building, fishing, collecting resources etc
  • Satisfy the needs of the travelers, and take into account their personality traits
  • Face unpredictable weather and watch out for tsunamis, submarine eruptions and more!