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May 26, 2023

Dread Delusion, the Early Access open-world RPG gets more content with the “Cadaver Keep” update


From Press Release:

This week, Dread Delusion received its new “Cadaver Keep” content update.

The update adds:

  • New Quest: The Duchess, in which the player hunts down Vela’s old comrade; an esoteric woman based in the Endless region
  • New Dungeon: Cadaver Keep, a multi-challenge dungeon teeming with cannibalistic enemies look for new prey
  • New Dungeon: Endless Mines, a sprawling underground crystalline cave network with a underlying sinister presence
  • Enemy Enhancements: Certain enemies have been reworked to be able to drink potions and use shields to add a new layer of strategy to combat
  • Performance Overhaul: Overall performance improvements – Game loads fewer assets at once, in-game structures now have low-poly variants when far away, and loading save data is now more efficient
  • Various balance tweaks and bug fixes

For more details, please view the Dread Delusion update post on Steam here: