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May 30, 2023

Big Update for Big Ambitions, the Early Access hit sees new business types and QoL improvements that bear fruit with Update 0.2

From Press Release:

Cophenhagen, Denmark – 30 May, 2023. Big Ambitions, the smash-hit business sim of the spring, is launching its first major update today.  The update brings 2 new business types, employee benefits, unique buildings and extensive quality of life improvements. This update is the largest to-date after the game’s hugely successful launch.

Players can now create fruit and vegetable stores or graphic design businesses. Alongside this, gym’s are now available (alongside fresh clothing types) letting players exercise to increase their health and happiness. It also brings a new wholesaler, Total Produce Trading, providing a greater variety of products to sell across existing stores.

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Alongside an abundance of fixes and art refinements, the update also delivers sweeping refinements to existing systems, including the addition of health insurance for employees, adjustments to the auto save feature and quality of life improvements to the overall player experience. This includes the ability to delete text messages on the players phone, the chance to slow down time and telling Uncle Fred his help won’t be needed.

Now available on Steam, this update is the first of several key Early Access commitments as part of Big Ambitions’ public roadmap. To learn about the game, players can visit its official Steam page.