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Jun 01, 2023

Slayers X is a boomer shooter sequel to Hypnospace Outlaw that’s out now on PC and Xbox

From Press Release:

hey Slayers, TODAYS THE DAY….

this is Zane Lofton, aka the CEO of Big Z Studios, aka the greatest game designer ever. My publisher no more robots is making me rite this dumb “press release” becuse their a bunch of terds bwl

when I was a kid I made this game in my notebook and then turned it into a mod for my favrite game Katakylsm and then I think my mom put it in the back of a draw or soething…..

ANYWAY then I found it again and No More Robots said they would put it on Steam and Game Pass so that’s what were doing and it’s the best game anyone ever made and if you don’t play it and give it a 10/10 review you don’t appreviate perfection!!!!!