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Jun 07, 2023

Take up Arms Against Tyranny in the next immersion pack announced for Hearts of Iron IV

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM – 07 June 2023 – In times of crisis, it is important to be nimble, especially when you are the weaker party. Pay attention to the swiftly changing winds of diplomacy, build an army that can take advantage of weather and terrain to outfox a superior foe, and find alternate paths to prosperity and security. Sometimes, Winter is your only ally. Even if you can’t retreat into the cold forests, there are tactics and techniques available to anyone who would take Arms Against Tyranny.

Arms Against Tyranny is the latest immersion pack for Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Interactive’s best-selling grand strategy wargame about the years around World War II. In Arms Against Tyranny, players will encounter new alternate histories and National Focus Trees for the nations of Scandinavia and Finland, with a heavy emphasis on the Winter War and Finland’s struggle against Soviet invasion.

This pack also includes new ways to develop your armament industries, and sell weapons designs to warring nations.

Features of Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny include:

  • New Finnish National Focus Tree: Walk the diplomatic tightrope of a democratic nation trapped between threats, develop a capable defensive army, or pursue alternate historical paths of collaboration with the neighboring tyrants.
  • New Swedish National Focus Tree: Resource rich and fiercely independent, Sweden can be the center of a unified Scandinavian resistance, or a game-changing ally in the ongoing battle of ideologies.
  • New Danish and Norwegian Focus Trees: With the benefit of hindsight, can you prepare these small nations for the storm of war that is about to wash upon their shores?
  • Military Industrial Organizations: Customize your armaments industry by encouraging national corporations to specialize in the types of weapons and technology you desire for your armed forces.
  • International Arms Market: Become the quartermaster of the world by selling arms and equipment to the warring nations, receiving civilian factory capacity in return.
  • And more: New unit art, 10 new songs, customization of Special Forces units and greater divisional specialization.

Hearts of Iron VI: Arms Against Tyranny will be accompanied by a major free update available to all Hearts of Iron IV players.