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Jun 08, 2023

Sengoku Dynasty, the next open-world survival RPG utilizes Unreal Engine 5 and comes to Steam Early Access this Summer

From Press Release:

Oberhaching, Germany, June 8th, 2023  – Polish developer Superkami in partnership with publisher Toplitz Productions today unveiled their new trailer for Sengoku Dynasty, their thrilling multi genre blend of open-world RPG, city builder, life simulation and survival game.

Developed with Unreal Engine 5, Sengoku Dynasty will bring the world of feudal Japan to life where players can cultivate a community and forge their own dynasty in a region once devastated by famine and war. They will explore a beautiful open world as they gather resources, craft, hunt, build and farm to survive and support their village community in solo or in co-op multiplayer.

Sengoku Dynasty offers a new perspective on the Sengoku era. It’s not about war and samurais, but about the everyday struggles and resilience of ordinary people” said Jan Cieślar, CEO and Co-Founder of Superkami.

Set across the diverse biomes that encapsulate the natural beauty of Japan from bamboo forests, snowy mountain peaks and serene cherry groves to the open plains and picturesque mist-covered hot springs. The open-world in Sengoku Dynasty is vast, beautiful and filled with a range of unique characters to interact with, some friendly, and some who seek to disrupt your way of life.

Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions GmbH, comments: “Sengoku Dynasty exemplifies our innovative multi-genre vision within our ‘Dynasty’ brand. By embracing diversified gameplay and delivering a captivating player experience, we have created a unique and immersive gaming universe.”

Sengoku Dynasty will launch on Steam Early Access this summer.

For more information on Sengoku Dynasty, head over to the games official Steam page here.