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Jun 09, 2023

Mars First Logistics is coming to Steam Early Access on June 22nd

From Press Release:

Space rover builder Mars First Logistics was featured today in the Day of the Devs showcase, and will be releasing on PC via Steam Early Access on June 22nd!

Game summary

In Mars First Logistics you’ll build physically simulated rovers and transport awkwardly shaped cargo across the rugged surface of Mars. You’ll earn funds, unlock new parts and blueprints, and be challenged to use your ingenuity to help the martians establish a new home through a mix of hand-made and procedurally generated contracts. The game is playable solo or in online co-op!

Combine over 50 parts like servo motors, hydraulic cylinders rocket engines in a tactile editor, then pilot your rover across the planet surface. Tailor your creations to the unique challenges of each job. Heavy cargo, bouncy cargo, cargo that’s trying to float away – you never know what the next station will bring! With each successful delivery you’ll earn funds that you can spend on new parts, allowing you to build ever more ambitious vehicles.

Game features 

  • Build mechanised rovers and transport awkwardly shaped cargo
  • A striking open world with new challenges over every horizon
  • Tackle the challenge alone or recruit a friend in online co-op
  • Unlock and combine parts like servo motors, hydraulic cylinders and rocket engines
  • Sky’s the limit! Create anything you want, no matter how ridiculous

About Shape Shop

Shape Shop is a new indie studio created by developer Ian MacLarty. Ian has a background in computer science and loves to experiment with programming, often using self-made tools and unconventional rendering techniques to bring his games to life. His career has spawned award-winning commercial titles like Boson X, Dissembler and Jumpgrid, as well as dozens of free projects. For Mars First Logistics, Ian has recruited the talents of Kalonica Quigley as 3D artist (Untitled Goose Game, Dead Static Drive), Dan Golding as Composer (Untitled Goose Game, Frog Detective) and Mark Mitchell and Byron Scullin of Fuligin as Sound Designers (Heavenly Bodies).