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Jun 12, 2023

Drive a big rig in outer space with Star Trucker, coming to PC in 2024

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM – June 12, 2023 – The open road doesn’t get more open than this! Indie developer Monster and Monster has hitched a ride with out-of-this-world publisher Raw Fury to announce Star Trucker, a retro-futuristic space truck simulator featuring RPG elements, an eclectic cast of fully voiced truckers, an original soundtrack packed with galactic country and starburst blues, and much more. Revealed at the Future Games Show, jump into the driver’s seat of an intergalactic big rig as you haul cargo, trade salvage, and search for fortune out among the stars on PC in 2024.

Star Trucker combines the fun and immersion of the truck sim genre with a retro-futuristic take on classic trucking stories for a truly unique sci-fi experience. Haul your cargo across the vastness of space, exploring rich environments, beautiful wonders, and dangerous hazards. Discover bustling sectors filled with truckers, stations, shipyards, traders, interactive CB radio chatter, and more as you plan your route and navigate across the galaxy (tolls may apply!).

Master your skills with zero-g physics inside and outside of your vehicle, docking, towing and drifting while taking spacewalks to perform essential maintenance and keep your rig in peak condition. Your truck is yours to command: upgrade its systems to gain access to new destinations, and personalize its appearance to ride in style. Star Trucker provides the ultimate escapism experience where the whole galaxy is open for business!

Key Features

  • Navigate a dynamic galaxy populated with fellow truckers, stellar events and hazards
  • Unlock a wide range of haulage jobs, trailer types, suppliers and cargo
  • Customize your rig with an extensive collection of parts and paint jobs
  • Spacewalk to perform essential maintenance and collect salvage
  • Trade small goods and contraband based on an ever-shifting galactic economy
  • Use your CB radio to interact with a fully voiced cast of characters for an authentic trucking experience

Star Trucker is available to wishlist now on Steam. For more information, visit, and follow the latest development updates on TwitterInstagram and TikTok.